Jennifer Cole

Fantasy is my reality!

Thank you for visiting one of my silken yarns on the web.  Be advised, the content within this website is for mature audiences only.


After reading a number of erotic romances I got the idea it might be fun to write one. Seems I possess a talent for telling a lascivious tale. My writing interests include BDSM, mťnage, polyamory, contemporary, and paranormal themes; but regardless of the steamy sexy stories I create, for me itís all about true love and happily-ever-after, or a reasonable facsimile -- the guy must get the girl, or guy, in the end.


When not sweating over the laptop tapping to keep up with my over-active imagination, I hit the open road on my motorcycle. Above everything else, I cherish time spent with my family and friends.


A simple girl with simple indulgences, thatís me! I listen to rock music, enjoy expensive cognac, and Iíve never met a cookie I didnít like!


Now, I invite you to grab a naughty story and snuggle up with your knight in shining armour or, your master or mistress of the dungeon and lose yourself in the seduction of erotic romance.